Nowadays the story behind the story is very valuable and creating a social media presence is a must. Marshal specializes in creating behind the scenes photos and video content that will help you bring your clients—and their audience—along for the ride. 

Behind the scenes with Union Productions

union-1 union-2 union-3

This commercial set was a highly creative, full-production shoot with a ton of moving parts (and a lot of talent and equipment required every scene).

Behind the scenes with Andrew Snucins Photography

CRC Rally Merritt, BC 1 CRC Rally Merritt, BC 2 CRC Rally Merritt, BC 3
A look at what it takes to capture professional rally images for Subaru at the 2016 Pacific Forest Rally in Merritt, British Colombia.

 Behind the scenes with Topo Films

topo_bts-1 topo_bts-2 topo_bts-3

If the shot was easy everyone would have it. Topo Films went the extra mile rigging up a cable cam with their new Red Epic-W 8K following Squamish trail runner Brendan Urlocker.

Taking Flight with Topo Films

 flight-1 flight-2-1 flight-3

Topo films heads into the air to chase a plane into into evening sunset showcasing the epic landscape and mountain playground Squamish has to offer. On assignment for Squamish Tourism.

Behind the Scenes with Topo Films

Conditions for filming are not always ideal but regardless the show must go on. Here is a behind the scenes video for Topo Films as they tested out their new Red Epic-W 8K.