Trail Running in Squamish with Hailey Van Dyk

49°44’58” N / 123°08’09” W

As my passion for the mountain life culture has grown, I recently decided to put down my backpack and call somewhere home. Squamish, British Columbia seemed to be the perfect fit providing endless outdoor adventures right outside my back door and a community of people and athletes that are in search of the same lifestyle I am. 

I recently did a photo profile on athlete Hailey Van Dyk, a trail runner who has found herself running races in Africa, Costa Rica, and the US while bring a community of like minded women along with her. She has started a community amongst female runners and enthusiasts called Run Like a Girl, where she hosts events, shares her experiences, and finds ways for women to get out of their comfort zone and on to the trails. 

With endless available running trails in Squamish, Hailey and I headed out to a local favourite spot for biking and trail running called “Credit Line” near Alice Lake. Underestimating the time left for available evening light, we ran a few kilometres before reaching the photo worthy viewpoint (which is easier said then done with 25lbs of camera gear on your back). Regardless, we managed to hike up past the tree line and catch the last of the evening light before it disappeared over the gorgeous Howe Sound. As the sun set, we both reminisced on how lucky we are to be living in such an amazing place like Squamish and how privileged we are to have access to all this amazing terrain right in our back yard.

If you love the outdoors and find your soul constantly searching out adventure, Squamish is somewhere you need to truly experience for yourself. Check out some more adventure shots in the portfolio.

Find out more about what Run Like a Girl is about at their website and Facebook page.


Marshal_Chupa_HaileyVanDykRunning_PhotoshootNature PhotoshootAction PhotographerRun Like a GirlRunner_ProfileSports_PhotographyAction_Photographer_British_ColumbiaMarshal_Chupa_HaileyVanDykRun_Like_A_GirlBritish Columbia PhotoshootMarshal_Chupa_HaileyVanDyk



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One comment

  1. Connie Ciampanelli says:

    These photos are glorious. What a beautiful subject you chose. Hailey is lovely. And kind.
    I live on the other wide of the continent. These photographs make me want to take a trip out west.

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